Perimeter Protection Systems

Detect Intruders with Perimeter Protection & Alarm Monitoring

Perimeter Protection & Detection: Perimeter Alarm Systems & Remote CCTV Monitoring for Businesses

For businesses operating across vast sites, or with significant assets to protect, our perimeter protection systems will deliver on most security objectives.

Typically solar farms, construction sites, car dealers and industrial units operate at sites with a vast perimeter. Criminals target these sites, often in an organised fashion, therefore a sophisticated security system is required.

Plant machinery, copper wiring, cars and goods are sought after by criminals looking to profit on the black market.

In helping to manage a range of security threats, our perimeter alarm and remote monitoring systems either complement or replace internal security teams.

When securing high-value assets, a sophisticated security system is required.

Our perimeter security systems can be integrated with the following features:

  • PIR sensors and infrared beams
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Audio Intervention
  • Infrared illuminators
  • Keyholder and police response

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Perimeter Protection & Security Systems

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Perimeter Protection & Detection - CCTV Monitoring and Perimeter Alarm Systems

Remotely Monitored

Low Light Cameras

On and Off-Site (Cloud Storage) Recording

360 Degree Pan, Tilt and Zoom

Perimeter Protection & Detection Alarm Systems

Safeguard Systems can design and install perimeter detection systems for a range of businesses. These systems enhance the security of the existing fence by detecting attempts to breach or break through the site perimeter.

For businesses operating over a vast site, security is paramount. A fully integrated perimeter alarm and CCTV monitoring system will act as a robust deterrent and will pinpoint the exact location of the security breach.

Perimeter Security and Protection Services

Perimeter Protection & Detection: Remote CCTV Monitoring

For businesses looking to secure the perimeter of a site, remote CCTV monitoring is an effective deterrent.

An integrated CCTV monitoring and perimeter protection system provides optimum security.

In many cases CCTV monitoring systems can reduce the cost of security in addition to improving the effectiveness of a businesses security systems. For optimum performance and security your camera system can be integrated with audio intervention, video analytics and more.

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Need a new Perimeter Security System for your business?

To help our customers get the right system for their needs we have developed a 6 stage process covering initial contact through to ongoing support.
Security Systems Installation Process Stage 3

Initial Consultation

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 5

System Design

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 2

Approval and Order

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 6

Solution Installation

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 1

Customer Training

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 4

Ongoing Service

CCTV Case Study: CCTV systems upgrade at Liberty Leasing offices

Upon reviewing the existing CCTV system in place, our client knew it was very basic and needed upgrading. Their current CCTV surveillance cameras only provided low resolution video streams which made identifying thieves almost impossible…

Training and Accreditations

Accreditation SSAIB
Accreditation Safe Contractor
Accreditation DBS
Accreditation PASMA
Accreditation IPAF
Accreditation ECS

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