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Thermal Imaging CCTV & Thermographic Security Camera Systems Installation

Thermal imaging CCTV (thermographic cameras) is a cost-effective security camera solution for businesses operating sites where there are challenges around poor lighting and weather conditions.

In these situations, thermal imaging CCTV system technology plays a vital role in safeguarding people, assets and premises.

When visibility is impacted, the Safeguard Systems’ range of thermal CCTV systems will help manage a range of security threats. Ideally suited to businesses looking to secure vast sites and perimeters, thermal CCTV systems can help to:

  • Spot potential intruders at distance and in low light
  • Reduce false alarms caused by wildlife and shadows using AI analytics
  • Deter trespassers and criminals through audio intervention when integrated with remote CCTV monitoring
  • Track intruders within a building, if the lighting has been disabled

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How Does Thermal CCTV Work?

Thermal CCTV and heat sensor cameras essentially work by highlighting the heat radiation given off by any object.

Regular CCTV cameras require reflected light to produce visible footage. In harsh weather conditions, and at night, camera footage will therefore be restricted. To negate the impact of harsh external conditions and low lighting, thermal CCTV cameras are the idea solution as they pick up sources of heat as opposed to objects

Furthermore, another major benefit of thermal CCTV camera systems is they greatly reduce the number of false alarms that are typically associated with regular cameras. For businesses operating sites in rural locations, wildlife can often be an issue. Animals grazing will often trigger sensors, increasing the overall risk of false alarms. False alarms waste time, and impact the effectiveness of a security camera system. AI technology allows these images to be analysed, therefore differentiating between an animal and an intruder. As AI technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, thermal imaging CCTV security cameras are becoming highly sought after.

Distance is another core factor in considering thermal CCTV over regular IP and Ultra HD systems. Thermal CCTV cameras will spot potential threats at distance.This renders thermal CCTV solutions as an ideal solution for organisations operating offshore wind farms and government agencies protecting our borders against migrant boat crossings. Additionally, if threats are spotted at distance, they can be dealt with effectively as a security team will have the time to take the appropriate action.

If you are looking to keep your site and buildings secure, regardless of its location, weather conditions and lighting, thermal CCTV is your best option.

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Operate in low-light conditions

Reduce false alarms

AI integration

Higher ROI

Thermal Imaging CCTV Benefits

As alluded to above, there are a multitude of reasons an organisation should consider thermal CCTV to protect its site, assets and people.

To summarise CCTV is highly effective in:

  • Low-light situations where there are visual limitations – extra and internal
  • Reducing false alarms, unnecessary call-outs and associated costs
  • Higher return on investment – more security objectives managed and dealt with effectively
  • Providing effective footage where environmental factors impact the ability for security lighting and illumination

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