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24/7 Remote CCTV Monitoring Installation – covering Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire & Hampshire

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your business security and save money on the cost of physical guards, remote CCTV monitoring is the perfect option.

Remote CCTV monitoring now opens the door to have the security cameras monitored remotely by a team of professionals. 24/7.

Monitored CCTV is a powerful tool for businesses large and small – increasing the security for your premises and lowering costs.

Typically, businesses who invest in monitored CCTV are looking to spot and deal with out-of-hours security threats such as break-ins, vandalism, theft and more.

Furthermore, in many cases, businesses can save up to 80% on the cost of employing physical guards through an investment in a monitored CCTV system.

The team at Safeguard Systems can efficiently and securely, remotely monitor your commercial CCTV Systems at a small percentage of the cost of employing traditional guards.

The cost of employing on-site security guards can be expensive and how can you guarantee nothing will be missed – vandalism, theft, poor staff productivity and more?

Monitored CCTV systems can be set up to deter criminals and intruders through audio warnings, via keyholder response, or by contacting emergency services. Standard CCTV system footage is viewed retrospectively; after a crime has taken place. Whilst this is still effective in pursuing a conviction, the damage has already been done.

With 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring, you can catch the criminal in the act, and take the appropriate action.

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CCTV Monitoring - Keyholder and Keyholder Response Services

In addition to designing and implementing an effective, robust monitored CCTV solution, we also provide keyholder and keyholder response services.

Most businesses, assign keyholding responsibilities to a responsible employee. However, in most cases, they don’t want to be alerted at 3am of a potential security threat and have to tackle the intruders themselves,

This is where third party keyholding and keyholder response comes in.

We can assign a trusted third party to operate as a keyholder. And, in the event of them being notified of a security threat from the CCTV monitoring company, can visit the site to perform the role of a security guard. Of course, in the event of a serious, dangerous situation, the relevant authorities will be contacted.

If you’re a business, operating in or around Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire or Wiltshire we’d be delighted to assist you with all your CCTV requirements!

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24/7 Remote CCTV Perimeter Protection - Perimeter Beams, PIR Sensors & Video Analytics

In addition to monitoring, and providing full coverage of your business premises, monitored CCTV systems can be used to actively monitor a site perimeter.

Sites with vast perimeters, often exposed to security threats are:


  • Construction Sites
  • Solar Farms
  • Schools
  • Car Dealerships
  • Government Sites
  • Industrial Parks (Warehouses and Factories)
  • Farms
  • Scrap Metal Yards

PIR and CCTV sensor-activated monitoring

Need alerting when a potential intruder is approaching your premises? This is where PIR beams sensors come in. We can set the sensor to alert you or your off-site security team of someone nearing your premises.

This is a crime and accident prevention measure, helping you keep your premises, staff, assets and visitors safe.

In addition to PIR we can also work with sensor-activated CCTV monitoring systems that will alert you to a change in temperature,  pressure, humidity and vibrations. As part of an integrated system, you can link the PIR sensor to your monitored intruder alarm.

Perimeter security monitoring - detectors

Perimeter detectors work hand in hand with your CCTV system. We can install and implement the following perimeter monitoring systems into your business – external beams, thermal imaging CCTV and CCTV video analytics.

CCTV Monitoring & Video Analytics

Business and organisations operating in rural locations often invest in monitored CCTV, for perimeter protection. Video analytics can be used to help avoid unnecessary false alarms, from cattle and other animals activating the sensors. The systems are set up to recognise the difference between a cow, horse and human.

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What is CCTV monitoring and how does it work?

24/7 CCTV monitoring is simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Your CCTV systems is installed in the usual way, providing full coverage of your premises
  • Each security camera is fitted with sensors that will alert the monitored CCTV system if the beams are crossed and the sensors triggered
  • Once triggered, the system sends an alert or alarm signal to your designated security professional at the 24/7 CCTV monitoring station
  • If the system is set up to provide audio intervention, your security professional can communicate with the intruder and warn them to leave and that the authorities or keyholder has been contacted
  • If not, upon viewing the footage, the security professional will contact the keyholder or the authorities depending on the scale of the threat

Here at Safeguard Systems, we partner with NSI Gold CCTV monitoring company, Arc Monitoring.

You can watch their CCTV monitoring service video below:

Benefits of CCTV Monitoring

The benefits of CCTV monitoring are vast. They include the following:

  • Through 24/7 CCTV monitoring, you can be proactive in preventing crime, and accidents at your premises
  • The cost of implementing a 24/7 monitored system is up to 80% lower than the ongoing cost of employing an onsite security team. Better security as nothing is missed and lower costs to your business
  • Monitored CCTV systems can integrate with audio to warn and deter intruders – reducing the headache of dealing with a crime
  • Staff productivity and behaviour – monitor persistent offenders and take appropriate action
  • Reassurance – all round peace of mind knowing your whole site is being monitored 24/7

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Remotely monitored CCTV installation – Is It Right For You?

When looking to lower costs or simply improving the effectiveness of their security systems many businesses are now turning to a fully monitored CCTV system.

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Spread your payments over 3-5 years with our CCTV leasing options.

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