IP CCTV Installation for Businesses

Commercial IP CCTV surveillance systems

IP CCTV Installation for Businesses

Commercial IP CCTV surveillance systems

IP CCTV systems for businesses – covering Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Southampton and surrounding areas

IP CCTV systems are fast becoming the norm for a variety of reasons. As technology advances, businesses are looking to future proof the security systems and IP CCTV helps them do just that. IP CCTV not only offers improved image quality over old fashioned analogue CCTV systems, but it can also provide cost savings by using the current IT infrastructure in place.

The clearest advantage to investing in and installing an IP CCTV system into your business is that IP cameras connect via a network. Therefore, the images produced can be viewed in real-time on a device in your network, such as a desktop computer or smart device. With IP video surveillance you can constantly monitor and see what’s happening on your premise wherever you are – helping you catch and prosecute intruders.

IP CCTV technology provides a bigger, clearer image due to its high megapixel resolution meaning you can view a larger area with one camera or zoom in seamlessly where required.

In addition to preventing and deterring criminal activity, IP CCTV cameras help monitor your staff, students, site visitors, patients and customers with security and peace of mind.

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Runs on Existing Infrastructure

Crystal Clear Images

Reduced Installation Time

State of the Art Security

Benefits of IP CCTV systems

  • Scalability. Analogue recorders only go up to 32 channel recorders and all of the cameras need cabling directly back to the recorder. IP Video Recorders can do 250+ Cameras on one recorder. Also you can bolt the cameras onto the existing IT network infrastructure (you already touched on this) meaning you only need to cable back to the closest network switch (data cabinet)
  • Future-Proofing through advanced technology – no need to overhaul your systems down the road
  • Higher Resolution Cameras

IP Cameras have superior built-in features

  • SD Card Slot – Can record directly onto the SD Card within the camera head as well as the central recorder. This is useful as a secondary/backup recording if for example, the Central Recorder got pinched!
  • Audio Input and Output – For connecting speakers (for broadcast) or Microphones (For audio recording)
  • Alarm Input and Output – Inputs can be used to connect supplementary detection devices like PIRs or Beams. Output can be used to connect supplementary devices, for example, an access control door release.

IP CCTV Installation – Is It Right For You?

IP CCTV is quickly becoming the default option for business and organisations security needs. Our experienced experts are on hand to discuss your requirements and make the right recommendations for you.

If you would like a quote for an IP CCTV system, or would like to speak to one of our experts, then get in touch today by calling us on 0800 689 1835 or by clicking the button below.

Need a new IP CCTV system for your business?

To help our customers get the right system for their needs we have developed a 6 stage process covering initial contact through to ongoing support.
Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

System Design

System Design

Approval and order

Approval and Order

Solution Installation

Solution Installation

Customer Training

Customer Training

Ongoing Service

Ongoing Service

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