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Automatic number plate recognition camera systems

ANPR Camera Systems - covering Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

For businesses looking to invest in an efficient and technologically advanced way to protect their premises, an ANPR Camera Systems is highly recommended.

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and is becoming widely used by a range of businesses including retail car Parks, hotels, schools, hospitals, petrol stations, chemical waste sites, government / MOD sites, gyms and leisure centres.

In terms of locations we design and install ANPR systems in Reading, Newbury, Oxford, Swindon, Southampton and surrounding areas across the respective counties.

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We design and install a comprehensive range of ANPR systems for businesses

Effective Car Park management

Analyse vehicle data across your site

Restrict access to your site and car park

Manage overstay and take action

How does an ANPR camera system work?

ANPR camera systems capture the image of a car number plate as it approaches your premises. If the car registration number is in the system and approved, access will be authorised. If it isn’t the driver will have to wait at the gate or entry point and call through, usually via an intercom system.

These systems are designed to provide easy access to a companies site for all authorised vehicles. ANPR systems on the other hand, provide a safe security control in vetting access to non-authorised vehicles.

ANPR Systems for Car Parks in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

ANPR systems can be used by car park operators in a number of ways. These systems are easy to install and provide a cost-effective, robust way of controlling your car park whether you are a supermarket, shopping centre, gym, business on an estate, hotel or county council.

Once we understand your full requirements and objectives we will design and install a parking management system perfectly suited to your needs.

Here at Safeguard Systems we can cater for a wide range of car parks including:

  • Permit only car parks – all authorised and permitted vehicles will be logged in a database and granted access
  • Staff only – only vehicles belonging to members of staff and on the system will be allowed access
  • Limited time free parking areas – some car parks allow free parking for the first two hours then charge at an hourly rate thereafter. On arrival the vehicle owner logs the car registration in the system (like when you get a ticket) and will only be charged for time after the free period has expired
  • Set time parking – many retail parks operate a 2-3 hour maximum stay. Vehicle’s registration numbers are clocked on the way in and logged on the system. Parking fines are then issued to vehicles who ‘overstay’
  • Managing car park overstay – this is similar to set time parking. However where pre-paid car parks are concerned, any vehicle owner ‘overstaying’ will be issued with a ticket or required to top up their parking fee

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Other business uses for ANPR Camera Systems

Although ANPR is widely used to manage the smooth operation of car parks, there are a huge range of other uses for this technology.

These include:

  • Providing secure access to your premises
  • Spotting known vehicles that pose a threat to your premises
  • Collating visitor data and track deliveries in and out of your site
  • Notifying The Police of a vehicle registration if it breaches your security
  • Improving customer experience

Providing secure access to your business premises and site

For security conscious businesses, an ANPR system is an improvement on traditional methods. Normally the driver has to approach the gate, talk to a guard at the gate or via intercom, say who they’re coming to see and then await access. This can be poor from a customer experience point of view. Additionally the ongoing cost of staffing your gates can be expensive over time.

Spotting known vehicles that pose a threat to your premises

Quite often businesses that operate around large industrial parks can be the target of thieves and other criminals. Where known criminals are targeting these areas you can set your ANPR system to notify you should an unrecognised plate (not on the system) approaches your premises at designated times of the day and week.

Collating visitor data and track deliveries in and out of your site

Businesses like to record data for a number of reasons. You may be keen to understand visitor flow, the volume of weekly deliveries or the general flow of vehicles around your premises. Where issues of Health & Safety arise, you can track and monitor vehicles average speeds helping to reduce the risk of accidents and insurance claims.

Notifying The Police of a vehicle registration if it breaches your security

Where there are vehicles you’ve highlighted as a potential threat, you can design the ANPR Camera system to notify you should they breach your perimeter security. You can then proceed to notify the relevant authorities and appropriate action can be taken. Where high security sites are in question, you can lock down access to your building allowing for greater security and peace of mind.

Improving customer experience (CX)

Imagine your customers driving up to your gate, access point  or car park, hanging out of the window in the rain to push the intercom button and speak to an operative. Imagine then waiting for a response with the window  ajar letting all that hot air out.

An ANPR system negates this entirely.

During the design process of your ANPR system it can be set up in a number iif ways to improve CX. If you customer has made an advanced booking or has an agreed appointment time you can:

  • Design the system to provide a personalised welcome
  • Direct them to the right area or car park

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