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Control access to your premises with an IP intercom system

Commercial IP intercom systems in Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Southampton and surrounding areas – Video and Audio IP intercom systems for businesses

IP (Internet Protocol) Intercom systems are fast becoming incredibly popular for businesses looking to secure access to their premises.

Whether you are looking for a Video or Audio Intercom system, we would absolutely recommend considering an IP based solution.

IP Intercom systems can be easily integrated with your current network and telephone systems. If your business currently uses an IP based phone system or a hosted telecoms solution, our IP Access Control systems will connect to it with ease. These solutions, simply connect to your phone system like a normal IP based telephone connection and can therefore be managed easily.

Just like answering a call, when someone is looking to gain access to your building or site, they call through and whoever is staffing the phones, hits a button to let them in.

We can design and install an IP based Intercom system with options for single or multiple buttons, keypads, speakers, video and cameras.

Additionally the cameras we install can be High Definition (HD), wide angle and night vision where needed.

IP systems give you complete flexibility, the ability to scale easily and are perfect for businesses looking to modernise their security systems.

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IP intercom door entry systems - how do they work

With the growing use of VOIP technology, more and more businesses are looking to integrate their systems within their current IT infrastructure.

For businesses that have a VOIP phone system in place or a hosted solution, investing in an IP Intercom system is highly recommended.

Traditionally Video and Audio Intercom systems have needed to be installed separately to IT and telephone systems. This can cause disruption to the business and new systems have to be installed along with extensive cabling and more.

AN IP based Intercom system:

  • Connects to your existing telephone / IT network
  • Can be assigned to multiple users – perfect if you don’t have a fully staff reception
  • Negates the need for vast amounts of new cabling and installation time
  • Provides fantastic levels of security for your premises and can be scaled easily

Our IP Intercom solutions:

  • Manage secure visitor access to your premises  – from the gate to the front door
  • Provide additional peace of mind to you and your reception team
  • Scale your security system easily as your company grows
  • Limit internal access to certain areas – perfect for health and safety-conscious businesses

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Benefits of IP intercom systems

There are various advantages and benefits to an IP Intercom system. These can vary from business to business and sector to sector however the key ones to consider are:

  • Ease of installation.
    When comparing IP based systems against traditional analogue solutions they are incredibly easy to install. As they are connected over your existing IP infrastructure, there is no need for extensive cabling or large amounts of time on site. This means less disruption to the business during the installation process.
  • Performance.
    Whether you go for a Video or Audio IP intercom system, the level of performance with an IP based system is key. Some clients look to upgrade their intercom systems due to a crackly line or poor video image quality. A robust, effective IP intercom system will tackle these issues from day one!
  • Company Image.
    No one likes to be stood in the rain waiting for someone to let them in. Especially a new customer or an important visitor. An IP based system, whether audio or video intercom provides fast and impressive access to your building.
  • Flexibility.
    With an IP based intercom system when someone arrives at your offices and calls through it can be handled by various people. A traditional system is normally managed by one person or team (usually reception). As the system is connected to your current IP networks you can assign various people to manage access via their telephone line. If one person is in a meeting or out of the office, another person can allow visitor access.
  • Scalability and future proofing.
    As your business grows, so can your security system – with ease. You can assign and implement new call points without the need for new cabling. New users are added to the system easily therefore reducing the need for large additional costs if you need to scale up your system.

IP intercom maintenance

Just like your computers or company telephones, your security solutions will need regular maintenance and sometimes technical glitches occur. We offer a range of technical support and maintenance services to help keep your systems running smoothly.

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Customer Training

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