Security Systems for Solar Farms

CCTV and perimeter security systems for solar farms

Solar farm security systems – CCTV, access control, and perimeter alarm systems for solar farms.

Having delivered numerous security systems for solar farms over the past few years, the team at Safeguard Systems is well versed in the security challenges the solar industry faces.

Solar farms are often in remote locations, well off the beaten track. Therefore, it’s paramount a robust security system is in place to deter intruders, vandals, and thieves.

Solar panel theft has been on the rise for years. The remote location of solar farms can provide an ideal opportunity for thieves looking to cash-in.

However, when solar panels are stolen, or vandals cause damage it’s more than just the cost of replacing the panels that hurts. Time spent on insurance claims can be to the detriment of productivity. When panels are stolen, there is an inevitable loss of revenue.

So how can we help?

When it comes to solar site security there is a range of security systems we’d recommend:

  • CCTV monitoring systems for solar farms will maintain visibility and video surveillance across all areas of your site. Due to the remote location of solar farms, monitored CCTV is the right choice in 90% of cases. An experienced team of security professionals will watch over your solar site 24/7.


  • Perimeter alarm security systems. One of our latest projects was designing and installing a perimeter security system for a solar site in Wales. This particular solar site’s perimeter was over 8km, therefore, plenty of potential places for thieves to force access and commit crime. Through securing the perimeter, we helped secure the business.


  • Access control systems for solar farms ensure, you are aware of who’s onsite and who isn’t. These systems are a smart way to keep tabs on staff and contractors, helping to manage time, attendance, and productivity.


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Security systems for solar farms

Safeguard Systems

Protect revenue through robust security systems

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Accreditations and Training

To ensure the highest level of service for our clients and safety for our employees all of our security system engineers and installers are DBS checked, carry ECS cards and have completed PASMA and IPAF training.

Additionally, Safeguard Systems is fully SafeContractor and SSAIB certified and approved.

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Solar Farm CCTV & Solar Site Perimeter Protection

Solar farm CCTV & solar site perimeter protection systems are a must for helping to reduce break-ins, theft, and vandalism on solar sites.

Protecting large scale, rural solar farms can be a challenge. Thieves target solar sites for the panels, wiring, and expensive electrical equipment. Solar farm perimeters can often be vast, leaving criminals with plenty of scope for opportunity. In our experience, a robust perimeter protection system, encompassing CCTV and alarm systems, should be deployed to help reduce the risk of costly crime.

Based on previous experience, CCTV monitoring is the best solution when it comes to solar farm CCTV. A fully monitored CCTV system provides 24/7 security, with an experienced professional keeping a constant eye over your assets. Where the operator has a security team in place, and HD CCTV installation connected to their own monitoring station would be the recommendation of choice.

In addition, CCTV systems can be used on solar sites to help monitor the activity of construction teams during the initial build and contractors carrying out ongoing maintenance.

Solar sites are often in isolated, rural locations. Ongoing CCTV maintenance is highly recommended to counteract the impact the elements can have on your CCTV systems. That’s not to mention, animals chewing through wiring and more!

Access control systems for solar farms

Access control systems for solar farms and sites bring a range of benefits.

The access control systems for solar sites we install include door entry systems, video intercom, and video entry systems keyless door entry systems.

Solar farms are usually located in rural locations and don’t require constant staffing or people on site. A door entry system enables the operator complete visibility of who’s on-site at any one time, whether it’s a contractor, employee or supplier.

Alternatively, video intercom and video door entry systems provide the means to let people in and out of the site remotely. When they arrive at the solar site, the video intercom systems are used to check who’s looking to be granted access.

Where contractor and supplier management is concerned, there are added advantages of using a keyless door entry system. These systems, usually delivered via a keycard or fob, can be used to ensure suppliers are on-site when they should be, helping to manage productivity.

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Solar Site Perimeter Protection Systems

Perimeter alarm systems for solar sites are effective means to reduce crime on solar farms.

The team at Safeguard Systems is experienced in solar site security and has fitted a range of solar site perimeter protection systems over the last few years. Solar farms are expansive and we’ve worked on solar sites where the perimeters have been anywhere between 5-7 kilometers.

There are various issues we encounter. when installing perimeter security systems on solar farms. On previous projects, we have encountered broken wiring, corroded gate contacts not functioning correctly, incorrect amounts of control panels (decreasing the ability to accurately pin-point break-ins and damage caused by the elements and wildlife.

Despite the highest levels of security, you can’t always stop thieves and vandals from attempting to gain access to your solar site. However, the right security systems will act as a robust deterrent. When break-ins occur, the issues are numerous.  Lost revenue, sourcing replacement panels, fixing panels, and insurance claims create problems for solar site operators.

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solar site maintenance

Solar farm security system maintenance

When fitting new or updating old security systems we also recommend ongoing maintenance at delivered at pre-agreed time over the course of each year.

When it comes to solar sites, security system maintenance is imperative.

In our experience, when conducting site surveys ahead of a security systems installation we encounter a range of issues. Solar farms are usually located in rural locations and are subject to the elements. Cameras, alarms, wiring, control boxes, and more all can perish over time. Wildlife can have an impact too. Animals chewing though cabling can result in a system malfunction.

Many of these issues can be negated through the quality of the installation. However, all solar farm security systems need ongoing maintenance to protect the site operator from the potential loss of revenue and the need for insurance claims caused by criminal activity.

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solar site maintenance

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Case Study: Monitored CCTV system for a solar farm

Safeguard Systems were invited by a global solar PV provider to carry out a site assessment on an existing remotely monitored CCTV system installed within a large solar farm in the North Devon area.
Image of solar farm CCTV

Why choose Safeguard Systems for your solar farm security system?

Our professional team of installers are fully DBS Checked, SSAIB Certified and Safe Contractor approved.

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