Security Systems for Warehouses and Factories

Protecting your premises and monitoring staff productivity

CCTV Video Surveillance, Access Control, Security Systems & Intruder Alarms for Warehouses and Factories in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

Safeguard Systems are expert engineers and installers of security systems for warehouses and factories. Depending on your overall security objectives we can design and install a range of security systems including, CCTV surveillance cameras, Access Control Systems and Security Alarms.

When considering CCTV for a warehouse or factory, we can install High Definition (HD and Ultra HD cameras giving your crystal clear images of what’s going on inside and outside of your premises. Typically these security systems are monitored internally by a security team onsite.

For companies looking to reduce the long term cost of their security and to improve efficiency, we recommend investing in a Remotely Monitored CCTV system. Your cameras are monitored 24/7 by a designated security operative at a control centre. We often find a remotely monitored system can reduce the cost of security by up to 75%.
When it comes to monitoring your staff for time, attendance and productivity we can design and install an effective Access Control System. The system will monitor when people clock in, when they go for breaks, leave and where they are in the building. This data can be used to analyse consistent lateness, unauthorised breaks and more. Keyless Door Entry systems can also be used to simplify access to and from your building. Video Intercom systems can be installed to manage the flow of deliveries and visitors to and from your site.

In addition to CCTV systems and Access Control for factories and warehouses, we can design and install a robust and effective Security Alarm system that can be monitored internally or remotely.

We design and install security systems in Reading, Southampton, Newbury, Oxford, Swindon and all areas across their respective countries.

To summarise, these security systems help you to:

  • Maintain safety for your staff
  • Protect your premises from the threat of crime
  • Manage staff for time, attendance and productivity
  • Deter thieves and vandals
  • Spot instances of poor staff behaviour and H&S threats
  • Manage the flow of visitors in and around your site

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Looking for a new security system or upgrade?

Safeguard Systems are experts in CCTV, access control and security alarm system installation.

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Looking for a new security system or upgrade?

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Enhanced Security For Factories and Warehouses

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Monitor staff for time, attendance and productivity

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Accreditations and Training

To ensure the highest level of service for our clients and safety for our employees all of our security system engineers and installers are DBS checked, carry ECS cards and have completed PASMA and IPAF training.

Additionally, Safeguard Systems is fully SafeContractor and SSAIB certified and approved.

Accreditation SSAIB
Accreditation Safe Contractor
Accreditation DBS
Accreditation PASMA
Accreditation IPAF
Accreditation ECS

CCTV systems for warehouses and factories

A robust, effective CCTV system for warehouses or factories is imperative in managing a variety of security risks. CCTV surveillance can help to monitor staff behaviour, productivity as well as manage and reduce external threats. A highly visible CCTV system not only helps to catch criminals, but it also acts as a deterrent.

The High Definition (HD) video surveillance cameras we install provide crystal clear images even during low light. Should you be a victim of crime, image quality is a massive factor in helping to identify the perpetrator. Too often when reviewing a security solution, we uncover factors preventing it from being effective. Grainy images, blind spots and even faulty equipment will make your security system unfit for purpose. These factors can also have implications to your insurance policies.

Looking to reduce the costs of security?

A current trend for those looking to improve security and reduce costs is implementing a Remotely Monitored CCTV system. As opposed to relying on a team of internal guards to consistently monitor the cameras, they will be viewed and watched by a designated security operative at a control centre. In our experience, these systems can reduce security cost by up to 75%.

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Access Control systems for factories and warehouses

Looking to effectively manage the flow of people around your premises?

Need to monitor staff for time, attendance and productivity?

The Access Control systems we design and install cover these and many other objectives. A Video or Audio Intercom system will help to manage the flow of visitors and deliveries to and from your site. When installed these security systems can be linked to your current network and infrastructure. They can be integrated with a desktop or smart device. Access can be approved or denied easily with a push of a button.

Where companies look to proactively monitor and manage their staff in areas such as productivity, time and attendance, Access Control systems for factories or warehouses will do just that. A Keyless Door Entry system once installed, will provide you with data on where staff are in the building, who’s clocking in late and taking unauthorised breaks.
Additionally, we can design and implement a system that restricts access to areas of the building to certain members of staff. This provides an additional layer of security where health and safety is of major importance.

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Security Alarms For factories and warehouse

Even with the highest levels of security, you can’t stop criminals from trying to access your premises. A robust Security Alarm system will act as a deterrent to thieves and vandals giving you added peace of mind. When integrated with your CCTV surveillance system, you will increase the chance of catching criminals.

We can fit a range of Security Alarms for factories and warehouses. The options include either a wired or wireless alarm system. Both systems can be monitored internally or remotely at a designated control centre.

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Case Study: CCTV Video upgrade at Liberty Leasing offices

Upon reviewing the existing CCTV system in place, our client knew it was very basic and needed upgrading. Their current CCTV surveillance cameras only provided low resolution video streams which made identifying thieves almost impossible…

Why choose Safeguard Systems for your warehouse and factory security system?

Our professional team of installers are fully DBS Checked, SSAIB Certified and Safe Contractor approved.

To help our customers get the right system for them we have developed a 6-stage process covering initial contact all the way to ongoing support.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

System Design

System Design

Approval and order

Approval and Order

Solution Installation

Solution Installation

Customer Training

Customer Training

Ongoing Service

Ongoing Service