Security Systems for Nightclubs & Bars

Maintaining staff and customer safety. Protecting you from crime.

CCTV Video Surveillance, Access Control & Security Alarms for pubs, nightclubs and bars covering Berkshire, Hampshire,Oxfordshire and Wiltshire

A robust and effective security system is the backbone to the safe running of a pub, bar or nightclub. Unfortunately, a good night out can turn sour and problems arise. Fights, accidents, drug dealing and people getting kicked out and trying to get back in again are all too common. It happens in every town and city across the UK. Furthermore, premises such as yours can be targeted by thieves.

Safeguard systems can help bars, pubs and nightclubs across Reading, Oxford, Newbury, Swindon, Southampton and surrounding areas.

In addition to our staple offering of CCTV, Access Control Systems and Intruder Alarms we can design and install a HD CCTV system including facial recognition software (more below) to help monitor known repeat offenders and those currently banned from your premises. In addition to this, we can implement heat mapping software alongside your Video Surveillance system providing data on popular areas of your club and the effectiveness of promotional stands and something else?

The benefits to investing in a security system for your bar, pub or club include:

  • Your staff and customers will feel much safer
  • The CCTV cameras will highlight exactly where the trouble is
  • Reducing vandalism – if you’re being watched you won’t get away with it
  • Keeping out unwanted visitors
  • Helping to maintain staff wellbeing and safety
  • Reducing theft and insurance claims

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Looking for a new security system or upgrade?

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Looking for a new security system or upgrade?

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Enhanced Security For Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

Safeguard Systems

Keep staff and customers safe

Safeguard Systems

Monitor your premises for criminal and anti-social behaviour

Safeguard Systems

Reduce theft and vandalism

Accreditations and Training

To ensure the highest level of service for our clients and safety for our employees all of our security system engineers and installers are DBS checked, carry ECS cards and have completed PASMA and IPAF training.

Additionally, Safeguard Systems is fully SafeContractor and SSAIB certified and approved.

Accreditation SSAIB
Accreditation Safe Contractor
Accreditation DBS
Accreditation PASMA
Accreditation IPAF
Accreditation ECS

CCTV systems for pubs, nightclubs and bars.

By having a professional security solutions installer, design and implement a robust CCTV system in your pub, nightclub or bar, you’re focusing on three main things. You’re improving the all round peace of mind for your customers and staff, increasing the chance of catching would be criminals as well as helping to keep out people you know cause trouble at night spots across your town.

We can design and install a range of CCTV systems across your premises, depending on your objectives and budget. If you’re looking for a standard but effective system, we can install High Definition (HD) and ultra HD video surveillance cameras. If you operate a sizeable operation with multiple rooms then a Remotely Monitored CCTV system would be a solid recommendation.

Unfortunately, there are often incidents of violence and drug dealing at pubs and clubs across the counties we operate in. Quite often there are repeat offenders. If this is a worry for you, talk to us about our facial recognition CCTV systems. These cameras will spot known offenders you’re looking to keep an eye out on and will alert you to their presence.

If you’re looking at a CCTV system for your pub, club or bar across Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Southampton and surrounding areas, get in touch for a quote. Our team is on hand to help.

Access Control systems for pubs, clubs and bars

Here at Safeguard Systems, we can design and install a range of access controls systems for your pub, club or bar across Berkshire, Hampshire,Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. There are a number of options we can implement for your business.

A keyless door entry system can be used to allow staff into the premises and to manage access across the site to certain areas. Access can be limited in designated areas to certain members of staff and the system can tell you who is where across your premises.

Video and Audio Intercom systems can be installed to help manage deliveries of stock and for when reps visit you for supplier meetings. For ease, these access control systems can be delivered over Internet Protocol (IP), allowing them to be integrated with your current network and smart phone devices.

Talk to us today to discuss your requirements and objectives and one of our skilled, experienced engineers will discuss your options with you.

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Security & Burglar Alarms for pubs, clubs and bars

Unfortunately, your premises can often be the target for break-ins and theft. Venues such as yours will often carry large amounts of stock and have expensive audio and visual equipment on site. This can often mean your premises are targeted by criminals looking to break in and profit from their activity.

Our range of security alarms for your pub, club or bar include wireless, wired and remotely monitored systems. Wireless and wired security alarms can be installed and connected to a smart device, alerting you to potential criminal activity, allowing you to contact the relevant authorities fast.

A remotely monitored alarm system can be designed, installed and subsequently managed remotely by a control centre meaning you have an extra pair of hands protecting you from criminal activity such as vandalism and theft.

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Install Now and Pay Monthly with Security System Leasing

Spread your payments over 3-5 years with our security system leasing options.

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Case Study: CCTV Video upgrade at Liberty Leasing offices

Upon reviewing the existing CCTV system in place, our client knew it was very basic and needed upgrading. Their current CCTV surveillance cameras only provided low resolution video streams which made identifying thieves almost impossible…

Why choose Safeguard Systems for your Pub, Bar or Nightclub security system?

Our professional team of installers are fully DBS Checked, SSAIB Certified and Safe Contractor approved.

To help our customers get the right system for them we have developed a 6-stage process covering initial contact all the way to ongoing support.

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 3

Initial Consultation

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 5

System Design

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 2

Approval and Order

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 6

Solution Installation

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 1

Customer Training

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 4

Ongoing Service