Security Systems for Gyms and Leisure

Keeping your staff, customers and visitors protected, identifying intruders and helping to reduce insurance costs

CCTV (Video Surveillance), Door entry systems and Intruder Alarms for Gyms covering Reading, Oxford, Newbury Swindon, Southampton and surrounding areas

When looking for an installer of security systems, there are a multitude of reasons gyms and leisure centres get in touch with us for their CCTV, Access Control and intruder alarm requirements.

As an expert installer of security systems, for gyms and leisure centres across Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire, we’re on hand to help. Whether it’s a new CCTV or door entry system you require or even an upgrade to your intruder alarms, we’ll work with you to understand your budget, objectives and will provide the right security system for your needs.

Our services help to:

  • Keep your members, visitors and staff safe
  • Monitor who’s in the building and where – perfect for health and safety
  • Reduce vandalism and monitor on site incidents
  • Keep out unwanted visitors and non paying members sneaking in
  • Maintain and provide staff wellbeing and safety
  • Reducing theft and insurance claims

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Gym Security and Access

Looking for a new security system or upgrade?

Safeguard Systems are experts in CCTV, access control and security alarm system installation.

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Looking for a new security system or upgrade?

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Enhanced Security For Leisure Facilities

Safeguard Systems

Keeping your staff, customers and visitors protected

Safeguard Systems

Monitor, track and manage visitor flow

Safeguard Systems

Reduce theft, manage health and safety

Accreditations and Training

To ensure the highest level of service for our clients and safety for our employees all of our security system engineers and installers are DBS checked, carry ECS cards and have completed PASMA and IPAF training.

Additionally, Safeguard Systems is fully SafeContractor and SSAIB certified and approved.

Accreditation SSAIB
Accreditation Safe Contractor
Accreditation DBS
Accreditation PASMA
Accreditation IPAF
Accreditation ECS
Ultra HD CCTV camera PTZ

CCTV systems for gyms and leisure centres

Your CCTV video surveillance systems help you monitor all activity inside and outside your building creating overall peace of mind for you, your customers and staff. Your CCTV system can be monitored remotely, reducing the need to ‘man the cameras’ yourselves helping to reduce and prevent vandalism, petty crime and antisocial behaviour.

Further to this, the video surveillance cameras we supply and install allow you to monitor staff for productivity, making sure they are working hard and are where they should be. Your cameras can help spot that member of staff who likes to take too many breaks or even the ones who prefer to natter by the water machine as opposed to motivating members on the gym floor.

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Access Control Services

Access Control and door entry systems for gyms and leisure centres

Looking to secure your premises and provide state of the art access control and door entry systems for your gym? We can help. Whether you’re looking for a key card or fob system to allow members easy access to your facilities or speed gate systems to track and enable the easy flow of customers and visitors around the gym, we’ve got the right security system for you.

Keeping your members happy and safe is paramount to creating a secure gym environment. In the event of a security incident such as a fire, your access control system can be set to track and monitor visitor flow, ensuring you know who is in the building and where.. Our door entry systems for gyms include Video Intercom, interlocking doors, audio intercom, speed gates, membership access keycard systems and more.

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Access Control Services
Wireless alarm systems

Intruder Alarms for gyms and leisure centres

Intruder alarms help prevent a potential break in to your premises and theft of expensive gym equipment. We help create peace of mind for the owner, staff and management team knowing that your site is well protected against crime including theft, vandalism and damage to the premises.

Your intruder alarms can be integrated with your CCTV system allowing your video surveillance cameras to tilt, point and zoom in on all access points to your gym or leisure centre. Not only can this serve to catch criminals, a robust security system for your gym can also prevent crime and vandalism.

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Number plate recognition camera

Automatic Number plate Recognition for Gyms

In our experience, gyms and leisure centres have limited space in their customer car parks. Where located close to commuter links, these car parks can often be misused by people looking for free parking for the day. There’s nothing more annoying for a customer than driving to the gym only to find zero space.

We highly recommend gym and leisure centre owners owners, those in charge of facilities and security, consider an ANPR Camera System for their car park.

In addition to managing your car park effectively the system can be set up to have a personalised welcome message for your customer when they proceed through the barrier. Fantastic for customer experience and marketing!

Number plate recognition camera

Install Now and Pay Monthly with Security System Leasing

Spread your payments over 3-5 years with our security system leasing options.

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Case Study: CCTV Video upgrade at Liberty Leasing offices

Upon reviewing the existing CCTV system in place, our client knew it was very basic and needed upgrading. Their current CCTV surveillance cameras only provided low resolution video streams which made identifying thieves almost impossible…

Why choose Safeguard Systems for your gym and leisure security system?

Our professional team of installers are fully DBS Checked, SSAIB Certified and Safe Contractor approved.

To help our customers get the right system for them we have developed a 6-stage process covering initial contact all the way to ongoing support.

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 3

Initial Consultation

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 5

System Design

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 2

Approval and Order

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 6

Solution Installation

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 1

Customer Training

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 4

Ongoing Service