Security Systems for Car Dealerships

Keeping customers safe.

CCTV, Access Control & ANPR Camera Systems for Car Dealerships and Forecourts. Covering Reading, Oxford, Swindon, Southampton, Newbury and surrounding areas

Safeguard Systems is an installer of Security Systems for Car Dealerships.  With over 30 years experience, the range of Security Solutions we design and install include CCTV, Access Control, Security Alarms and ANPR systems.

We cover all areas across Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.

Our CCTV systems for Car Dealerships help monitor your site during and after business hours. An effective Video Surveillance System will help spot potential threats relating to theft, break ins and vandalism.

The Access Control Systems we design and install cover three key areas. These are keyless door entry systems, video and audio intercom.

Security Alarms are the backbone to many organisations’ security needs. Here at Safeguard Systems we will design and install an Intruder Alarm system to meet your objectives. Our range of Security Alarms cover wired, wireless and remotely monitored systems.

A new trend within the industry, particularly for high end car dealerships is the design and installation of an ANPR system. For car dealerships looking to provide and increase levels of customer experience an ANPR system should be considered. Find out more about our ANPR Systems for car dealerships below.

Our Security Systems for Car Dealerships help to:

  • Provide a high level of security in around your site
  • Watch over your forecourt and premises 24/7
  • Manage secure access in around your business
  • Restrict Access and grant permission to certain areas of your site
  • Deter thieves and vandals from committing criminal acts
  • Maintain compliance with your insurance policies and reduce costs

These security objectives can be addressed through effective CCTV, Access Control, Security Alarm  and ANPR systems.

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Looking for a new security system or upgrade?

Safeguard Systems are experts in CCTV, access control, and security alarm system installation.

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Looking for a new security system or upgrade?

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Accreditations and Training

To ensure the highest level of service for our clients and safety for our employees all of our security system engineers and installers are DBS checked, carry ECS cards and have completed PASMA and IPAF training.

Additionally, Safeguard Systems is fully SafeContractor and SSAIB certified and approved.

Accreditation SSAIB
Accreditation Safe Contractor
Accreditation DBS
Accreditation PASMA
Accreditation IPAF
Accreditation ECS

CCTV systems for Car Dealerships

Looking for an effective CCTV System for your Car Dealership or forecourt? You’ll be in safe hands with Safeguard Systems.

As a Car Dealer, at any one time you will have a considerable amount of money tied up in stock.  Your stock will be sat on your forecourt 24/7. It’s an unfortunate fact that you’re often left wide open to the threat of vehicle theft and vandalism.

Furthermore, a CCTV system can be used to monitor staff behaviour and to make sure all health safety measures are being adhered to. This is especially effective for dealerships that have on-site service and repair centres too.

The range of CCTV systems we install will address these concerns. As experts in Video Surveillance Systems our range includes High Definition (HD), Ultra HD, Remotely Monitored and IP based CCTV solutions.

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Access Control Systems for Car Dealerships

Access Control Systems for Car Dealerships can be installed to cover a range of security objectives.

With over 30 years of security industry experience, we are experts in listening to our customer requirements and installing the right security system to match their needs.

For Car Dealers there are a number of Access Control Systems we’d recommend.

Keyless Door Entry Systems provide swift, secure access to your site. These systems are also used to restrict access to certain areas. The data gained can be used to monitor staff for timekeeping, attendance and unauthorised breaks.

Video and Audio Intercom can be used effectively to provide access in and out of your site. These Access Control Systems are commonly used to manage the flow of visitors and deliveries to and from your site. These systems provide peace of mind for staff. The data gained from the system, can be used to track who is in the building at any one time.

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ANPR Cameras for Car Dealerships

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and offers businesses the ability to provide  secure access to their sites. All authorised vehicle number plates  are registered on a database and are granted access automatically when they arrive at your premises.

These systems can be used to secure access and manage the flow of traffic to and from your site.

ANPR Camera Systems can be a useful investment from a customer experience (CX) point of view. During the design process, the  ANPR system can be set up in a number iif ways to improve CX. If your customer has made an advanced appointment booking you can:

  • Design the system to provide a personalised welcome on arrival
  • Direct them to the right area or car park

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Security and Intruder Alarms for Car Dealerships

An effective Security Alarm System will help deter thieves and vandals from your forecourt. The cost of vandalism on a car dealership can be extensive. Whilst the cars are being repaired, they can’t be sold. Claims against your insurance policy will result in higher premiums.

A highly visible and effective Security Alarm System will help address these issues.

As expert installers of Security Alarms for Car Dealerships, we have a full range on offer to cater for all your needs.

The solutions we install cover wired, wireless and remotely monitored alarm systems.

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Install Now and Pay Monthly with Security System Leasing

Spread your payments over 3-5 years with our security system leasing options.

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Case Study: CCTV Video upgrade at Liberty Leasing offices

Upon reviewing the existing CCTV system in place, our client knew it was very basic and needed upgrading. Their current CCTV surveillance cameras only provided low resolution video streams which made identifying thieves almost impossible…

Why choose Safeguard Systems for your Car Dealership security system?

Our professional team of installers are fully DBS Checked, SSAIB Certified and Safe Contractor approved.

To help our customers get the right system for them we have developed a 6-stage process covering initial contact all the way to ongoing support.

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 3

Initial Consultation

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 5

System Design

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 2

Approval and Order

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 6

Solution Installation

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 1

Customer Training

Security Systems Installation Process Stage 4

Ongoing Service